NYCxDESIGN is a not-for-profit organization created in 2011 through a NYC City Council initiative. The aim of the organization is to celebrate and promote the design industry in New York City, placing the annual NYCxDESIGN Festival alongside peer festivals in Milan, Paris, and London.

For 2024, we were charged with relaunching the identity of the organization, originally designed in 2013 by Base Design.

We preserved the equity of the logo with minimal adjustments and added a flexible brand framework, allowing for a strong graphic identity that can accommodate a variety of images and text for a lively presentation. This system works seamlessly across any platform, at any scale, and for both static and animated presentations. We also introduced a new font (Saans by Displaay) and a more refined color palette.

In addition to refreshing the brand identity, we also designed a new website, created an advertising campaign, citywide signage, and other digital and animated promotional materials for the 2024 NYCxDESIGN Festival.

We also designed and art-directed this year’s official Festival guide—newly named GRID—and published by Aspire One Communication. Printed in a broadsheet format on newsprint by the New York Times, this 40-page guide, featuring complete Festival listings, was distributed throughout the city during the Festival period.

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