Relazioni: is a new Italian magazine, a rich laboratory of ideas aimed at communicators, marketing executives and CEOs. Maiarelli Studio designed the publication, art directed the first issue, and illustrated a number of articles.

For the cover of the first issue, which includes a section dedicated to the future of the US, we commissioned San Francisco-based photographer Stefano Massei to re-interpret America’s most recognizable symbol: the flag. Massei’s flag is twisted and tortured, reflecting the state of the US now, in the throes of political and social divisions and a pandemic. At the same time, it remains a beautiful object, its folds evoking a precious bud full of potential and hope.

The concept of the nameplate is based on the colon, a reference and homage to Herb Lubalin and his iconic design for the magazine Fact:. The colon represents a bridge between what we know and what we would like to know. Antwerp by A2-TYPE is used for the text. Additionally, we use Söhne by Klim Type Foundry, a sans-serif typeface that brings a hint of mid-century modern rationality to the layout. The magazine is printed on Munken Lynx Pure by the Swedish mill Artic, a high-quality smooth, uncoated paper.

We were thrilled to have been able to work with an amazing group of international and Italian photographers and artists to illustrate the articles. Their enigmatic and biting artwork adds additional layers to the thought-provoking themes covered in texts.

Cover photography by Stefano Massei