iessi is a new alcohol-free aperitif launched in Paris at the end of 2023, a product of hybrid origins: a company based in France, an Italian recipe, inspired by America. The client wanted the brand to feel unapologetic: not a product that has to justify being less than its alcoholic counterparts, nor overly virtuous — simply a delicious drink crafted with premium ingredients by an experienced family-run distillery in Italy.

A team of designers was assembled from talented in-house and former employees, allowing us to tap the skills, taste and experience that the job required.

The entire brand has a strong typographic and editorial approach, from the labels, and packaging to the collateral materials, the website and social media. A single weight of GT Pressura, on the label, creates a modern feel while allowing the product name to be the focus. The product names are in iessi Sans, by Florent Gomez Siso, a bold, custom headline font that is also a nod to the work of French painter, commercial poster artist, and designer Cassandre.

Logo, Label Design, and Typography by Florent Gomez Siso
Web Design by Leila Čičić
Web Development by Oliver Buckley-TAW Vision
Photography by Alecio Ferrari
Set Design by Laura Doardo
Video by Michele Foti







Print Materials

Social Media